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Sunapee Fair ... Aug 2-10

The League of NH Craftsmen's Fair is annually the Guild’s second biggest fund raiser. But it is so much more. The Mount Sunapee Resort is a great place to be in early August. Added to the beautiful setting, are tents and rooms filled with the work of some of the finest craftspeople in America. Several are Guild members. Along with working in our tent there is ample time to go to the fair.

Volunteering at Sunapee allows new members to get a sense of what a special organization they have joined. The rest of us get to spend extended time with friends. All of us get a chance to see fellow members demonstrate exceptional woodworking skills. Some were beginners a short time ago. There is time to look at what our generous members have donated for the raffle...Read more on Sunapee here.      

See the volunteer schedule here.



As you look through this website, you will see many photos of members work and of our members engaged in activities. These are but a sampling of what makes us strong.

It has always been an article of faith among us that from the rankest beginner to the most accomplished professional, we all have something to both teach and learn from each other.

If you are a woodworker or would like to take up our hobby and avocation and become a woodworker, we invite you to join us and become a member. Our guild, despite its name, is not an organization only of professionals, it is open to all.

—Dave Anderson (Past President)

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