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Annual Meeting—Sept 20, 2014

Jon Siegel will be our auctioneer again this year at the annual meeting—Sept 20th. Jon is back as the auctioneer again this year! Jon brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and fun to the event.  Registration for those who want to place bids will start at 8:30. All action items will be sold, as is, and to the highest bidder. The Guild will keep all proceeds from the auction. Volunteers are needed as runners and recorders.

Bring anything related to woodworking, including: lumber, power tools, standing machinery, drafting and drawing supplies, hand tools, clamps books, magazines, shop supplies, or wood. Avoid liquid items. We prefer tools in good working order, but if it is not, but still has value, let us know what the condition is so we can be honest about it.

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As you look through this website, you will see many photos of members work and of our members engaged in activities. These are but a sampling of what makes us strong.

It has always been an article of faith among us that from the rankest beginner to the most accomplished professional, we all have something to both teach and learn from each other.

If you are a woodworker or would like to take up our hobby and avocation and become a woodworker, we invite you to join us and become a member. Our guild, despite its name, is not an organization only of professionals, it is open to all.

—Dave Anderson (Past President)

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