Intermediate Project Group (IPG)

Owain Harris is the host/demonstrator of our new subgroup that the Guild launched on April 27, 2019.  Under Owain’s direction, the IPG group is expected to engage our members in the use of challenging, woodworking techniques, elevating our skills while incorporating these and other traditional methods into an aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture. Owain’s demonstration and discussion will cover topics from design considerations to final assembly and finishing over the course of several meetings.  The 2019 furniture project is a demilune table with a drawer.  The design features curves, bent lamination, shaping and veneer work.  The demonstrations will also utilize full scale mock-ups and favored joinery techniques for this project with an emphasis on proper tool setup and safety.

IGP meetings will be scheduled around Owain’s teaching and work schedules, resulting in a somewhat non-traditional, flexible schedule.  Every effort will be made not to interfere with other Guild events or meetings.   Owain’s workshop is located in The Gonic Mill in Rochester (Gonic), NH.  There is plenty of parking at this location and the shop has good space for participants to view his demonstrations.  Additional information will be announced as details become available.


Owain is a self-taught woodworker, a successful cabinetmaker, and a member of the Guild of NH Woodworkers. He is a juried member of the League of NH Craftsmen and award-winning exhibitor at the League’s Craftsmen Fair Living With Craft events. He is currently an invited artist of the NH Furniture Masters, where his ”Escape Velocity” cabinet recently won a Pinnacle Award from the International Society for Furniture Designers in their first ever Maker/Designer category. He is an instructor at the Center of Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport Maine.  Check out his article titled Bent Laminationin the Guild’s Winter 2014 edition of The Journal (see Volume 6, Issue No. 1, pages 34-37). 


Additional information on Owain Harris is available at www.harriscabinetmaker.comand

For your comfort and safety, attendees should bring a chair, eye protection and ear protection. And don’t forget a notebook and pencil for taking notes!