This group is no longer active.

iconThe Right Brain Woodworking Group is an egalitarian group—there are no experts or teachers giving lectures—we are all learning from each other.  Topics include: creativity, aesthetics, mindfulness, Zen woodworking, woodworking as meditation, working without a deadline—and the paradoxically liberating role of schedule and discipline.

RBW was formed to include design, aesthetics (including Oriental aesthetics), mindfulness, zen woodworking, woodworking as meditation, woodworking to relieve stress, woodworking without a deadline, valuing the process of doing for its own sake as opposed to being focused on the result, and the paradoxically liberating role of schedule and discipline.

In small, interactive, hands-on group meetings, the group explores some of the softer aspects of woodworking, such as how to make it more enjoyable, interesting and satisfying, how to design and make beautiful things, how to master impatience, and the extraordinary consequences of focusing attention on the process rather than the end result. Our meetings are several times a year scheduled to coincide as closely as possible with the full moon.