It needs a new home. It’s 3HP 3 Phase. I bought it in 1975 and it was my daily go to until 2009 when I started working at Architectural Openings. Steve didn’t want it in his shop so I took the table off and brought it to my basement (Watertown, MA) where it’s been stored ever since. In my experience, it’s the nicest saw of this format I’ve ever used. It’s what the “Unisaw” was trying to be. It was my hope that I would be able to find some way to use it again but that’s not happening.
I made various extension tables and sleds, etc. for it. A blade storage cabinet with some blades and a stacked dado set and a roll around carriage. I fit it with an extended Biesmeyer fence.
I’d like to get $450 for the whole thing. It’ll have to be reassembled (table off is all) and since its been in storage a thorough “once over” and a new set of belts would be a good idea. Plus it’s not going to be a cake walk getting it out of my basement but…
Paul Buck  
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