The 20th annual Wood Days celebration will be held June 4th & 5th at Old Ways Traditions in Canterbury. Started at Canterbury Shaker Village as a sharing and networking event for woodworkers and woodworking appreciators, with the support of the Guild of NH Woodworkers, Wood Days has now become much more. Now held 1 ¼ mi. up the road from Shaker Village at Old Ways Traditions, these are unique days of family sharing, an opportunity for all to connect with our New England heritage of self-sufficiency from local resources.

New Hampshire is 4/5 forested, and log trucks frequent our roads. How much do we appreciate how our forests sustain our lives? Here in NH we are gifted with a rich variety of forest material to utilize in infinite ways. At Wood Days, while a sawmill turns logs into lumber you can observe and participate in the processes of changing wood into useful products – boats, spoons, timber frames, carriers, bowls, baskets, fiddles; these and more will be worked on at Wood Days. You can try the tools our ancestors used and are still used today, and take home finished products, including many produced on site.

Follow a short trail and find the various trees the wood comes from. Or take a guided tour through the fields and woods and along the stream of the 1785 farm and learn its history. You can work with Master Stone Wall Builder Kevin Fife, or share the forge with Blacksmith Mike Cook, maybe even make a hook!

There will be excellent local food by The Maples of Warner and old time and bluegrass bands both afternoons. Homefolks play Saturday at noon followed by Geddes Road Band at 2:00. Sunday Mink Hills Band opens at noon, and Bow Junction follows at 2:00.

Our sponsors are Brentwood Machinery and Tools, and Woodcraft, of Portsmouth
Old Ways Traditions is 1 ¼ miles North of Shaker Village, at 418 Shaker Road in Canterbury. The event runs 10 – 4, Sat. & Sun. June 4 & 5. Suggested donation $5.00.
Contact Dave and Anne Emerson at:
603 783 4403

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