The Annual GSWT Critique meeting was held on July 18th at the League of NH Craftsmen's Headquarters in Concord NH. The critique moderator was Beth Ireland. Beth started the meeting with a summary of her background, teaching engagements and educational background. Back in the day woodturners were basic turners sometimes referred to as "brown to round" but now a days it's become much more sculptural in nature. Beth brought a couple of  handouts (see attached). One "Sculpture Fundamentals" and the other "The Low Down on Sculpture". Beth read a few of the high points to emphasize the basis of a critique. 

     The meeting was well attended with 25 or so members. There were lots of pieces brought with a wide range of design. There were lengthy discussions with each piece about Form, Content and Technique. We discussed the "egg" shape and how we see things with the tendency to complete a circle and an object either leads us away or brings us in and around. 

     Many thanks to all who attended and for bringing pieces for the critique. Annamarie thank you for bringing the muffins. In closing many many thanks to our Moderator Beth Ireland. I'm already getting feed back from those who were in attendance that this was our Best Critique meeting ever. 

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