The Annual Meeting this year will be Sept 21—Bow, NH

Featured Speaker—Jon Binzen, Fine Woodworking Senior Editor

Jon Binzen has been working for Fine Woodworking since 1993 with a three year detour to work for Home Furniture magazine. 

For the past nine years he’s been finding and writing about the subjects on FWW’s back cover.  He has also produced audio slide shows about each of the last 50 or so makers featured on the back cover.  In the slide shows he has typically included photos of work from throughout a maker’s career, photos of his shop and surroundings, and stories about his work and life.

In his slide talk for the NH Guild he will tell the stories behind the makers featured on 20 or 25 of his favorite back covers.

Annual Meeting Agenda

7:30-8:30    Setup for meeting & auction

8:30-9:30     Coffee & doughnuts/ register bidders for auction

8:30-11:30 (new) Silent auction

9:30-9:45    Welcome, auction rules, introduce guest speaker

9:45-11:15   Annual Auction

11:15-11:30  Short break

11:30-12:00  Business meeting & election of officers

12:00-12:45 Lunch

12:45-1:00 Member recognitions

1:00-3:00 Featured speaker- Jon Binzen

3:00-4:00 Cleanup

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