The Guild meeting will have lots of space and easy unloading and drop off for the auction. Parking should be sufficient, but will be limited. Where are you going? Dartmouth College in downtown Hanover. The Student Workshops are located in the lower level of the Hopkins Center.

Use the Lebanon Street entrance; look for its stone portico. In the door, down a few steps and go straight ahead down the hall. Watch for any straying luthiers turning right towards the music workshops.

How do you unload and drop off your great stuff? Turn into the parking area just to the left of the Lebanon Street entrance. Around a corner you’ll see a loading dock on the right with volunteers to hand off your donations. There may be a line formed, but Syd promises to keep it moving. Larger donations can be unloaded directly into the shop.

Where do you park? The town of Hanover will allow us to park in their PERMIT only spaces on Lebanon Street and Hovey Lane. The 70 spaces are along Lebanon Street and Hovey Lane, down a couple of blocks before the high school. Facing the Hopkins Center entrance on Lebanon Street, the High School and town parking is down the street to the right, away from downtown. Greg Elder, Dartmouth’s shop manager has arranged for some chairs, but in keeping with Guild culture, bringing your own would be a good thing. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of room. Alan Saffron

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