Featured Speaker—David Lamb
Annual Meeting .. Sept. 19, 2015

Featured Speaker

Our featured afternoon speaker is David Lamb. David is a former NH Artist Laureate, a founding member of our Guild as well as the NH Furniture Masters. 

Since 1980, David Lamb has had his own shop in Canterbury, NH where he designs and builds furniture on commission, often for celebrities. He has won numerous design awards and his work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Art and Antiques and the Currier Museum of Art. His work has been published in major trade journals and he has contributed to several books on Shaker furniture.

Surplus Tool Flea Market

This year, instead of the usual Annual Meeting’s regular tool auction, the Steering Committee has decided to give members a chance to sell their surplus woodworking tools, machinery, materials and supplies in a flea market format and the Guild will only charge 10% of the member’s sales (per the honor system).

NOTE: No flammable finishes will be allowed in the Community Building but can be sold at your vehicle.

If a member wishes to donate any woodworking machinery and supplies to the Guild, those items will be auctioned off during a short auction or sold at a Guild managed table.

This year’s Annual Meeting will be back at the Bow Community Building where there is plenty of room for such an event with enough tables etc. to accommodate member’s sale items. What’s different is that we will publicize the flea market to the public, which should draw a much bigger crowd.


  • Bow Community Center will open at 08:00 for setup
  • Tables will be provided or the parking lot can be used for a “Tail Gate” sale
  • Sale will run from 9:00 to 11:00
  • Public will be invited
  • No charge for the table but 10% of sales goes to the Guild
  • Items can be donated for Guild “mini auction”

Reserve a seat here

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