The Period Furniture Group will undertake construction of a candle stand this fall. This unique project has elements we have not attempted in recent Al Breed classes. This includes sliding dovetails for the pedestal leg and a good size turning.

There will be three sessions provided for the project occurring at the usual time of 9:00 AM at Al’s shop—dates are September 17, November 5 and December 3 of this year.

There is the opportunity in this project to add personal touches such as altering top or foot arrangements, and given the relatively fewer elements and material requirements, you may consider producing multiple stands. Perhaps even some carving may be introduced on the pedestal leg or top.

I will ask Al if he can conduct a ‘Sunday’ class for this if enough people express an interest in the carving—please let me know ASAP. As always, Al will prepare drawings for a moderate reimbursement during the first class.

Ed Taylor
Period Furniture Group