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Below is an evaluation and description of the tools done in January 2020 by Peter James


Evaluation of former Goffstown High School Power Tools

Powermatic model 66 table saw. Dates from 1965. It has a 3 phase motor and based on the amp rating on the tag is 2 HP. It can be wired for 208-230/440 volts, but probably is  set up for 208-230. Presently missing the fence, miter gauge, dust door, and blade guard. The top is missing 2 out the three hold down bolts. Missing the knob of the till wheel (not a big deal). The top is in good condition and  the cabinet as a whole is good for its age. In good to excellent condition, this vintage saw would be valued at $1,200 to $1,500. Because of the missing parts and the three phase motor, I feel that $700 to $800 would be tops for pricing.

Powermatic Planer model 160.  Dates from 1965. 5 hp 3 phase motor(motor tag is missing).

Looks complete. Has decent set of knives that appear to be sharp. Tables are in good condition. Selling and have sold in a wide range of prices, but machines that have the same appearance and age have sold or are for sale in the $1,000 to $2,500 range. Known issues could lower the asking price. They do sell, but are not a hot item in the market. I would list it at $1,500. 

Delta 46-400 wood lathe. Probably bought with the other items in 1965. It is a 12” swing lathe with a Reeves type variable speed control. Missing parts and said to have drive system issues. Recent sales of good looking machines have been in the $145 to $375. It has a nice cabinet and the motor may be good. It is a single phase motor probably 3/4hp, maybe 1hp. With the known issues, the most return might be to part it out. Selling as a whole, I would think in the $100 to $150 would be a place to start.

All of these evaluations are based on the fact that I have not heard any of the machines run and that leaves a lot in question. They prices are based on sales or machines for sale and tracking several years past history of this type of machinery sales.  

Peter James

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