The machine in question is an old Craftsman wood lathe, pictured below.  I got it from the elderly uncle of a friend of mine a number of years ago. He used it for a long time until age caught up with him, and was looking to give it to someone.  After sitting idly in my shop for a few years, I have recently had the time to “play” with woodturning, and found it quite challenging but very enjoyable.  It’s time for me to find something larger, and I would like to find a home for this one.
What can I tell you about it?  It’s about 36” between centers, a bit over 12” swing over the bed, and I believe it has a 1/2 HP motor, but the nameplate is difficult to decipher. 
The weird thing about it is the spindle shaft. It’s 1-1/4”-12 tpi.  I have a couple of shaft adaptors that I will gladly include with the lathe. 
So, if you have an interest, I would be happy to donate it.  You are welcome to contact me by email at any time.  I live here in Grantham.
Jeff Rounsaville
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