I collect wooden Scrabble letters for use on Beads of Courage bowls.  My daughter-in-law is a Pediatric Cardiac Care Floor Supervisor at UPMC in Pittsburgh, PA.  When I visited the AAW Symposium in Pittsburgh a couple of years ago she explained the meanings associated with the various beads given to the children.  Long story short, a friend has purchased and given to me 6 sets of the letters.  My offer to the GNHW is as follows;
I have 6 new sets of Scrabble letters (100 letters) that are available for any GNHW member that would like to use them to embellish a Beads of Courage lidded bowl.  As these were given to me for use on Beads of Courage bowls I ask that you consider the children.  You may contact me at: 
Tom Mikuli
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