Finally, I have the whole day’s program filled and finalized.

The final 2 speakers to add to the day are Leah Woods and Howard Hatch.

Leah graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a MFA in Woodworking/Furniture Design and currently has a day job with the University of NH as Assistant Professor of Art with woodworking and furniture design as her specialism. Leah joined the Furniture Masters with an entry for their annual auction in 2008 and again in 2009.

Howard is also a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology where he studied under another familiar local name, Jere Osgood.  Certainly I associate his name with billiards tables but this is just a part of his repertoire. You can find out more about Howard at and .
One of the things that promises to make this event such an exciting and extraordinary one is the diversity of the presenters. I am not going to name any names here but we have college drop-outs, rock-musicians, self taught artisans, art college graduates, apprentice served artisans and many other things. But from my discussions with them, however brief, they all share a similar passion for their design process. I don’t think anyone attending this symposium is going home disappointed… unless its because they couldn’t listen to everyone… that is certainly my problem… I want to hear/see everyone!

Our day’s program, 22nd May 2010 at Pinkerton Academy looks like this:

Looking for volunteers to man the doors, man the cameras, help with food etc. The plan is to bring in pizza and/or subs from a local source, TBA.