GNHW Annual Meeting

September 19th

The September meeting of the Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers is always a special meeting. It is the Guild’s Annual Meeting, this year held at The Breed School in Rollinsford, NH. At the annual meeting, new officers are confirmed, and the Guild’s accounts are reviewed for the members.

But the real business that we all look forward to is the auction. We raise funds and have fun doing it. Members donate tools, supplies, finishes, hardware, WOOD and more to be auctioned. To donate, just bring your

items that morning. The proceeds go to the Guild’s general fund. All are advised to stop at their favorite ATM for cash because you never know what you’ll see up for bids.

September’s subgroup presentation will be by the Period Furniture Group (PFG). This group is for serious woodworkers; their idea of utilizing a couple of hours at a Guild meeting is to have one of their own meetings, just a little condensed, guest demonstration and all. Be prepared to be impressed by their organization, and what they do.

This meeting is also special because the guest speaker is Allan Breed. The special part is that Allan will be doing a presentation on doing serious period furniture reproductions, PLUS a skills demonstration on veneering and beading drawer fronts as part of the PFG group presentation. To get all this in one meeting, we will start a little earlier and end a little later. The agenda:

8:30                  coffee & chat, readying auction items

9:00                  auction begins

11:00                break

11:15                PFG, Mike Cyros

12:00                lunch, business session

12:30                PFG, Allan Breed’s skills demo

1:15                  break

1:30                  Allan Breed’s reproductions presentation

3:45                  clean up

Allan Breed’s school is in the same Salmon Falls Mill building as last February’s meeting at Matt Wadja’s shop; Salmon Falls Mill, 1 Front Street, Rollinsford, NH.

The auction will take place in the Salmon Falls loading dock area, with the rest of the meeting at the Breed School, which is on the third floor and to the left. For Directions The address is above  for those who wish to get their own map. Use the Breed School’s link for a map and directions.


You can follow these directions.

From Rt 9 in Dover center follow Rt 4 Portland Ave for approximately 2 miles. Turn left onto Roberts Road and continue for approximately one mile. Roberts Road then merges into Main Street. Follow Main St. to the stop sign. The mill building directly in front of you is your destination.

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