The roughly 70 members present at the April 23 General Meeting voted unanimously to accept the proposed changes to the Guild bylaws. These changes eliminate the Guild scholarship program to individuals and directs our efforts to a Grants Program largely focused on groups. The adopted bylaws and explanation can be found on the website here.

The bylaws do not spell out the details leaving the them to an upcoming policy. The Steering Committee reviewed a draft policy in April. This policy is outlined here. If adopted, Grant funding will be split into three categories:

  • Guild Subgroups
  • Application Grants
  • Guild Directed Programs

A meeting with subgroup leads (or their representatives) to review the draft and receive input will be held prior to the May meeting of the Steering Committee.

The amount of money in the Grant Fund at the end of April was a little more than $14K. 

The new Grants Coordinator will be Steering Committee member Dave Foote. He can be contacted at

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