GSWT members have been invited to join the Seacoast Woodturners Club on Thursday, April 16 from 6:00 to 9:00 pm for a remote demonstration by Mike Mahoney. Mike is famous for his simple but quickly turned utility bowls. From tiny to super large, he often avoids the application of artificial finishes and allows his bowls, plates and platters to age naturally and eventually to develop patina from frequent handling. 

Those wishing to "attend" this remote demo will need to download the Zoom app at and allow its installation. Then you will need to test your system to make sure that both camera and microphone are operating.  

If you are interested in "joining" this meeting, you will then need to email Tom Kovalcik at to register your name on the invitee list. 

The Zoom system requires a lead for the meeting and that will be set up on Tom's machine. Then he will email out the correct link FOR THIS MEETING ONLY to each of you that have registered for this event. Click on that and join the fun!

GSWT is sharing the cost for this meeting with the Seacoast group ($375 total or $187.50 to us) and Seacoast and Tom are handling this operation. 

Please recognize cautions about using the Zoom app. Like the SC, we should pay very close attention to the potential loss of security that has been noted in Zoom applications. For your safety sake, remove Zoom from your download files and from its direct application file as soon as this meeting has concluded.  

For future remote meetings as a group, we should consider using "Go to Meeting" or a similar platform, something that has a much better track record for safety and security. 

Annamarie Pennucci

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