Installing a VFD. This month’s meeting was at Peter James house.

The meeting started with a show and tell as will be the case with all future meetings. Several members brought a piece to show and discuss how it was made and asked questions as to how it could be done differently.

Claude brought a square bowl  (Borrowed from Bob Couch) that had one of the fours turned up with the other three turned down. How was it turned? Gary had a large lamp and Doug had two cherry bowls with large rolled over lips.

Peter and Jon tag teamed the topic of buying, installing and programing a VFD. Jon opened the topic with a history of motors and how they work.

Jon discussed the difference between a single phase motor and a three phase motor.

Peter then proceeded to demonstrate the VFD setup that he had wired to a three phase motor. Peter also provided a handout with a wiring diagram and some key programing tips.

VFDs are not just for lathes and the setup the Peter used for today’s demo is slated for a drill press. Additional details can be found in the latest Journal article.

Peter then proceeded to his new lathe. What a beauty this one is. Bob Couch told me that once I saw the lathe I would understand why he would give up a Powermatic. He was right. The lathe is a pattern makers lathe. It has some similar features of a metal lathe and was used to create very precise wooden molds that would be used for castings. Peter then proceeded to demonstrate the lathe and the use/advantage of the VFD.

Many thanks to Peter for hosting the meeting and Jon for helping out. A thanks also goes out to the gals for the fresh home baked goods and coffee.

Granite State Woodturners