This years chapter Collaborative Challenge Entry was a total success. Many of us participated but we are always looking for more. Those of us who did participate not only had a great time doing so but, speaking for myself (I’m sure I was not the only one), learned something new that I did not know before in turning. We were not successful this year as with last year’s first place but presented a very well thought out work of Art. We are all looking forward to next years master piece. Today the “Cupcake Project” is on display at the Salem Rockler store. Drop by and check it out and say Hi to the Store Manager Bill Lefebvre. Store address is 373 South Broadway. We plan on moving it around the State and welcome any suggestions you might have. We are also looking for a permanent display location for last year’s entry “Nested Spheres” and welcome any suggestions.

CCP at Rockler

You can find a picture of the GSWT’s CCP along with all the other entries in this month’s issue of AAW’s Journal of the American Association of Woodturners.

Display at the symposium

The gaurdians Dave and Tony


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