GSWT Critique Meeting 7/23/11
Location: Proctor Academy. Arts and crafts building.

David kicked of the meeting with some brief business items. Dave talked about the Collaborative project which he brought and we had set-up for everyone to see. No award this year but we will try again next year. The hope is that more members will get involved. Discussed next month’s meeting on August 27th at Michelle and David Holzapfel in Marlboro VT. Michelle is a woodturner/carver, David makes furniture and what his website calls “atypical objects”. Both will speak on materials, design and tools. Limit is 30 people – sign up on line.

A raffle was held and the winning tickets (2) was held by Dave Harris.

The Guest Moderator Kathleen Dustin was introduced to the group by Richard Bachelder

Kathleen Dustin is a MFA Ceramic Artist and has been working with polymer clay since the early 1980′s when polymer clay was not well known as an art medium and consequently had to develop many of her own techniques. Kathleen is a Member and Juror of the League of NH Craftsmen and is recognized as one of the world’s leading polymer clay artist. She has been a juror for many shows and exhibitions. She is an educator and instructor both nationally and internationally. Kathleen is currently living in NH. To learn more about her and her work go to her web-site at

Kathleen stated that as a juror the standard for judging is to look for;

  1. Does the artist have command of the medium?
  2. Is there texture.
  3. Shape. Is it a pleasing, proportionate, show intent?
  4. Intention. Does the piece show evidence of intention (decision making)? Hanging method – does it relate to the design? Does it show the spirit of the maker , a take on it that is yours? Intention and instinct sometimes work together. Ways that defects are dealt with: You can try to hide them, make them part of the design and or extenuate them. What’s the intent? Is the intent clear?

The basics of design; Line, shape, texture, color and value. It is sometimes helpful to judge a piece with your hands, eyes closed.

Kathleen started the critique session with setting some ground rules;

  1. Comments. The artist will bring up their piece and make comment on it.
  2. Questions. The audience may ask the artist questions by raising their hand and always (strictly enforced by Kathleen) start out by saying “May I ask a questions?”
  3. Suggestions and or comments by the audience. Again a member of the audience would raise their hand and ask; “May I make a comment?” or “May I make a suggestion?” also added was “You might try….or you might consider….”
  4. The artist may ask the audience questions.

The meeting was attended by 17 to 20 people. Everyone who brought something got a turn and it took up all of the three hours and then some. It was an excellent meeting and I think everyone walked away having learned something. Those who were not there really missed out. Jon.

Thank you for making the arrangements for the use the Proctor Academy’s beautiful 150 year old Arts Building. Please be sure to thank the school. Thank you to all the volunteers that made this meeting the success that it was


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