The GSWT met at the Homestead Woodworking School in Newmarket. Many thanks to Alan Mitchell for Hosting our meeting.

Despite the inclement weather 16 members showed up. The meeting started with some announcements of upcoming events. Namely the AAW Symposium at Pittsburg June 25/28, Totally Turning Symposium in Saratoga Springs NY on March 28/29 and of course our Symposium at Pinkerton on May 9th. 

Jim Forbes reporting; No changes in our finances.

There were several items for the show and tell portion on the meeting. All of which sparked good conversations. 

Woody Magnuson provided to main presentation. Topic; Tools we make. What worked, what did not work and why. How much they cost and how they were made. Several members brought an item or two for discussion but Wayne Baker brought a boat load of tools he has made over his 30 years of turning. Wayne had a gouge made from a bicycle frame, tools from grinding wheels, screwdrivers, files, flooring nails, ice skate blades, kitchen knives, 1/4" bench chisels, tile scrapers, a box wrench (for sizing tennons) and saw blades. Woody demonstrated a number of tools he had made, many for hollowing.

Great Meeting. Thank you to all of you for participating.  

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