The GSWT meeting on May 25, 2013 was hosted by Barbra and Scott Russwick in Canterbury, NH. Thank you Barbra and Scott. Meeting minutes by Tim Elliot and Photos by Tony Iammorlica.

Claude started the meeting with a short business meeting and most importantly a vote to adopt the GSWT by-Laws. By-Laws were adopted. See meeting notes attached. The meeting was on how to make wooden bracelets. You may have heard a demonstrator say " there are many ways to do this and here is how I do it" Well I know I've heard it said a couple of times myself and heck it's true. This is why we choose three demos of the same thing.

First up was Jim Forbes. Jim started by showing his many jigs and chucks he uses to create just the right size bracelet. Then it was Richard Bachalder's turn. His method was completely different. Turn a cylinder center on the growth rings (the pith may not be center) between centers, chuck it at one end and bore a hole using a forstner bit and Jacobs chuck. The cylinder was sized on the outside between centers and now with a hole to get started he sized the interior. Richard cut the shape and size of two brackets, sanded them and lastly cut them free from the cylinder.

Next up was Scott. He started with a square cut from a 4x4 length of timber, drilled a hole in the center with a drill press. He then chopped off the corners on a chopsaw. Using the drilled hole Scott mounted the wood using a custom chuck jaws (not to mar the inside) and proceeded to turn the outside diameter. Scott also make wide decorative brackets using a custom jig on his bandsaw.

All in all a great meeting.

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