Granite State Wood Turners (GSWT)

Steering Committee Minutes 1/11/11 by Claude Dupuis, Secretary
Location: Dave’s House in Contoocook NH
Meeting to order at 6pm sharp. David Belser, President.

Dick Batchelder   David Belser         Claude Dupuis     Tim Elliott            Woody Magnuson              Jon Siegel

Suppliers donations and gift certificates Woody /David reporting
Doug Thompson donated two bowl gouges (Woody will send out thank you letters to all venders
Choice Woods donated $100 in gift certificates and in return would like a roster of the GSWT
Venice Wood donated a sanding kit
Sand & Glove agreed to donate disk holders and dry ice sanding discs
Craft Supply agreed to donate gift certificates four times per year – Requested a GSWT roster
Packard donated 2 $20 gift certificates
Woody agreed to track/inventory donations from venders, who, when etc.
Discussed and debated the idea of providing a vender with a roster of the GSWT. We will fist want to check the Guild by-laws on privacy agreement. We would have to give the membership an opportunity to opt out of the roster release.

Petty Cash
Discussed the pros and cons of holding some monies (petty cash) to buy incidentals for a meeting. Petty cash would be help by the GSWT Treasurer; Gene Koph

Upcoming Meetings
Meeting date is January 22nd at Peter Bloc’s shop. Dick will be there early to open.
The March meeting will be at Scott Russwick’s shop in Canterbury.

The January meeting will be about the AAW “Turning 25″ Hopping that members will participate and bring things to the meeting. The voting will be by bean count with a top 5 to 10 pieces selected for the final round. Submission deadline has changed to Feb. 28th. We also plan on discussing the AAW Collaborative Challenge with two ideas. One is a twenty-five piece cake stacked, multi tiered, with columns etc. and two; 25 cupcakes. Both with the idea of “25″ of something to represent the AAW “Turning 25″ concept. David will sent out a member wide email tomorrow with these ideas outlined so that members will know what to bring/expect/ be prepared for the meeting. Location will also be newly disclosed.

The March meeting will be geared around the black walnut wood. We will be setting up to display how to get from tree to turning blanks. What to look for when cutting trees to length.

Some walnut will be processed in preparation for auctioning at the meeting.  This is a way to get wood into members hands that may not have the means to do so on their own. The proceeds will be banked for future meeting expenses or demonstrators. At the last meeting Marcel volunteered to help organize this. Jon Siegel is still willing to be the auctioneer. After the auction, smaller pieces may be bundled up and offered free to those who want some. Dick has a lead on some valuable wood but it is located behind a house with no access. Dick will check with Scott R to see if it would be feasible to retrieve.

Still looking for a permanent meeting place – preferably a shop centrally located – Manchester/Concord area??

David still talking with Bill French at NHTI about a meeting place there. The lecture hall would be for rent at $50/hr (not an option) Will pursue other, no cost, venues.

David will check with the Teachers group for places we could meet. Hopefully someplace with a shop and lathes. The Boston Globe featured an article about the Teachers Group.

Tim will updated the Website Calendar tonight.

Exhibit/Display locations.
Again discussed potential exhibit places.
Claude checked with “Main Street Concord’s Vacant Storefront Display Initiative”. Claude got a form from the organizations website to fill out and submit a request. They are currently booked to the fall of this year. Claude will submit the form to get onto the waiting list.
Hospitals? Libraries?? UNH?? Franklin Pierce College? Marcel checking with St. Anthem’s college.
Concord Community TV (CCTV)?? The Guild has a membership and Bob Couch has attended training. Claude will check with Bob for some particulars.

AAW Collaborative Challenge
Discussed ideas along with displaying these ideas. After some discussions and kicking ideas we settled on a birthday cake. It would be in keeping with the AAW Turning 25. It would be a multi-tiered nesting boxes forming a cake when stacked and nested when disassembled. Dave volunteered to provide a write-up and maybe a prelim sketch of what it might look like. This will be presented at the January meeting. Once the project is selected Dick volunteered to coordinate the locations, dates etc. that the project can be worked on by the group. The goal would be to schedule something for every two weeks. (deadline to meet)

Again discussed the application for an AAW EOG (Educational Opportunity Grant) for 2011. The application must be mailed in this week. We need to have a definitive request or the grant. The online survey chose Al Stirt. Tim will complete the application naming Al Stirt and mail it out by Friday of this week.
Michelle Holzapfel a close running. The consensus is that we think the club would love to pay her a visit in VT. The SC will try and find a way to include a tip to Michelle’s this year, maybe in the fall.
Club Logo
Claude asked whether or not the GSWT has a logo. The GSWT do not have its own logo but has been considered in the past. All agreed it would be a good idea to have our own logo. We will mention it at the next meeting to solicit idea from the membership.

By-Laws Woody reporting
Woody presented an updated draft of the By-Laws (sent out earlier by email). Minor modifications were made. The SC will have a close look at it and, by email let Dave know if there are any suggested changes. Deadline is Friday 1/14/11. Dave will forward the By-Laws draft to Bob LaCivita for a Guild review. The GSWT will be the first sub-group to have its own By-Laws and we should check that it does not conflict with the Guild’s By-Laws. A precedent may be set for future sub-groups.

Sub-Group Leaders
Jon has volunteered to be the sub-group coordinator. Jon will be talking with Michael Brown (editor of The Old Saw) about scheduling all sub-group heads to meet with the Guild SC to discuss issues, schedules and those things that we might do better as a club.

Next SC meeting; Tuesday February 8th, 2011 6pm at Dave’s house
Meeting adjourned at 7:40pm

Granite State Woodturners