Granite State Wood Turners

Steering Committee Minutes 12/14/2010 by Claude Dupuis, Secretary

Location: Dave’s House in Contoocook NH
Meeting to order at 6pm sharp. David Belser, President.

Donna Banfield   David Belser         Claude Dupuis     Marcel Durette     Tim Elliott
Gene Koph            Woody Magnuson

The January meeting will be about the AAW ”Turning 25″ hoping that members will participate and bring things to the meeting. We volunteered tony to email all those that participated in the NHTI exhibit. Meeting date is January 22nd. Meeting place? Donna offered her shop.

Exhibit/Display locations.
Discussed places exhibit.
Manchester Airport ? Claude checked and we would have to supply our own display case. This does not seem like an option
Currier of Art Museum? Marcel believes that the Currier is not interested in hosting our exhibit.
Hospitals? Libraries? Main Street Concord windowfront?

AAW Collaborative Challenge
Discussed ideas along with displaying these ideas. After some discussions and kicking ideas we settled on a birthday cake. It would be in keeping with the AAW Turning 25. It would be a multi-tiered nesting boxes forming a cake when stacked and nested when disassembled. Dave volunteered to provide a write-up and maybe a prelim sketch of what it might look like. This will be presented at the January meeting.

Fund Raising
Again discussed ways to raise funds. Black Walnut has been retrieved from a residents house in Concord and is currently at Scott’s shop in Canterbury. Walnut needs to be processed in preparation for auctioning at a midsummer meeting. Marcel volunteered to help organize this. Jon Siegel volunteered to be the auctioneer.
Discussed meeting day raffle items as a means of raising money. Raffle went well at the last meeting. Dave still has gift certificates from Woodcraft. Dave has lost touch with Crafts Supply regarding gift certificates and Woody volunteered to contact them to reestablish the connection. Craft Supply had previously asked for a membership list and Dave had refused to give it to them. This will need to be discussed with them and then maybe the membership.

Again discussed the application for an AAW EOG (Educational Opportunity Grant) for 2011. Time is running short. We need to have a definitive request or the grant will be denied. Grants applications can be submitted yearly and getting a grant this year will not affect getting a grant in future years. We need to pick a presenter, find out the cost and include this in the application. Potential demonstrators are, Alan Carter, Michelle Holzapfel, David Lancaster, Robert Rosand, Mark Sfirri and Al Stirt. Tim will send out a membership wide email for a vote as to who they want to see. Dave will check their schedules to see their availability and fee structure.

Still looking for a permanent meeting place – preferably a shop centrally located – Manchester area??

Gene has sent monies raised from the last meetings raffle to The Guild of NH (Peter James; Treasure) in keeping for the GSWT.

By-Laws Gene and Woody
Gene and Woody presented an updated draft of the by-laws. Minor modifications noted and will be updated and then given to the Guild for review and approval.
Next SC meeting; January 10th, 2011 at Dave’s house
Meeting adjourned at 8:00pm

Granite State Woodturners