Alan Saffron

Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers

2011/2012 Annual Meeting

September 17th

Pinkerton Academy

I know a lot of members are thinking this is the really exciting meeting when we vote for officers that many of us don’t know, and listen to the treasurer’s report and other Guild business that’s probably important, and sounds good, but…

why bother coming to the Annual Meeting?

The annual meetings are important, and your attendance is greatly appreciated. Yes, the new officers will be introduced and voted on. And yes, there will be the usual reports, but this year the Steering Committee (SC) will have revised bylaws to discuss and vote on. No fine print here; so go through them. You may find things that don’t seem right. Chances are that others will have the same questions and they’ll be discussed. Even just listening to the discussion, you’ll be glad you came. [Update: Bylaw revision postponed — likely new date will be the November meeting]

one more good reason to come…

You may vote for the officers, but you should know the Steering Committee. The SC includes the four officers and about eight members in various Guild positions, like scholarships, programs, and publication editors. Most will be at the Annual Meeting. Come, and see who is on the SC (‘oh! so that’s who he is.’), learn who does what (‘okay! he’s the one I gotta talk to’), and say hello and introduce yourself. to encourage you to attend…


Always entertaining, Jon Siegel will be handling the auction again this yearAs is the tradition, we will be holding the AUCTION. For the uninitiated and those with long-term memory issues, members bring woodworking items of all kinds that they no longer need, and we auction them off to other members. The items brought are basically donated to the Guild, and the proceeds go to the general fund. Clean your shops, go through your tools and bring all that extra stuff others may need. Donated items may be tools, including new and used, hand and power, and bench and floor. You can donate stock from 12/4 to veneers, FAS to  #2 common, F4S to rough, or potential stock in need of a good sawyer. You can donate finishes, finishing supplies, shop supplies, plans, etc. Items not sold must go back with those who brought them. Bring cash! You’re going to see stuff that you could use! You can bid on things you never knew you needed, at prices too good to ignore. Just listen to GNHW expert auctioneer Jon Siegel tell you how much of a bargain you’re getting.

Need more encouragement? But wait, there’s more!

We have Gary Wood, finishing guru as our featured speaker. Don’t know Gary Wood? Don’t you read your Guild Journals? go to subgroup meetings? or use the website's resource links? Gary has been a furniture maker and finishing professional from the time I graduated from high school.*  He is known for his finishing products business and his technical knowledge of all things finishing.


Gary Wood will speak on finishing techniques - the WOW factorGary is going to demonstrate four techniques to get a WOW finish:

  • Making Grain ‘pop’.
  • Burnishing on the lathe.
  • French polishing for those that don’t.
  • Putting life into water base finishes.

What about your favorite finish?

Sure, feel free to ask Gary’s advise or question him about your finishing issues. Be forewarned; you may be asked to share your treasured formulas and techniques with the group.  


  • Arrival, auction prep                      8:00 to 9:00
  • Auction                                           9:00 to 11:30
  • Lunch                                             11:30 to 12:00
  • Business session                           12:00 to 1:00
  • Gary Wood                                      1:00 to 3:00



Do you need a ride? Does your donation need a ride in someone’s pickup? No?, you’re all set? then OFFER a ride. I chose to have this meeting in Derry and I know Derry is not convenient to a lot of members. Share a ride with other members; you’ll save gas, and the time seems shorter. Get a ride for your large items in someone’s pickup. Going with room in the back? Offer a ride for a larger item the owner can’t transport; you may end up transporting it home to your shop. Check the Need A Ride forum on the website. You can post a ride request, you can post a ride offer, or you can just check the Ride forum if you’re not sure. Check it early and often. Remember, auction items not sold must be taken back by those that brought them.


There is no smoking on the Pinkerton Academy campus. There is no alcohol allowed on the Pinkerton Academy campus. Click the link for a map and directions to the Pinkerton Academy campus. We are using the Shepard Auditorium. Directions to Pinkerton Academy. The Academy’s directions have a link to the campus map. Places to get lunch are just a few minutes downtown. No need to bring chairs; Pinkerton provides them. *come up to me and ask  

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