When we think about the Guild Annual Meeting, do we think of the election of officers and debating Guild policies? NO, we think AUCTION!

For the uninitiated, members bring to the meeting any kind of woodworking items that have some value, and we auction them off. The items brought are in effect donated to the Guild, the funds go to the general fund, and then we have money for scholarships and other things.

Donated items may be tools, including new and used, hand and power, bench and floor, as well as stock, FAS to  #2 common, F2S to rough, stickered to in need of a good sawyer. Then there are finishes, finishing supplies, …you get the idea. But, wait, there’s more! You can buy the stuff. The bargains are incredible. You never know what you’re going to see. BRING CASH!

All items (or facsimiles thereof, like photos) must be brought the morning of the meeting, and those items not sold must go back at the end of the meeting with those who brought them.

The meeting will be at the woodworking shop at Dartmouth College. Why? Because its big, they got space, and we have the aforementioned auction to hold. The shop has tables, benches, and a loading dock. You can plan on using a pallet jack, sorry, no forktrucks.

We have a featured speaker as well. Mr. Dave Meyers, of Guilford, NH will be sharing his woodworking experience and expertise. Dave is a master woodworker, doing architectural woodwork at the same level as period furniture. His work is on commissions and contracts, and includes a wide variety of styles and designs. Remember when presentations and demonstrations were done before film slides and Power Point presentations? Well, prepare to get up and crowd around because Dave won’t have any. Instead he promises to bring real stuff; finished pieces, mockups, samples of this, some of that, his tools, and some of his veneers and veneer inlays. He will share his insights, such as why Shaker furniture is appropriate for more experienced woodworkers, and what things that will “make all the difference in the world” and some others that will put your work “over the top”.


Arrival, auction prep                     8:00 to 9:00
Auction                                           9:00 to 11:30
Lunch                                              11:30 to 12:00
Business session                           12:00 to 1:00
Speaker                                          1:00 to 3:00

As is our custom, please bring chairs. Places to get lunch are just a few minutes downtown.


I got emails from people not able to go to the meeting, but having good stuff for the auction and looking for a way to get it there. I started a Need a Ride posting. If you are unable to go, but have items to donate, post a request to arrange a ride for your stuff. You can also search the membership list in the Members page for people that live close by. Those having space for someone else's items can post a note there as well. Remember, items not sold must be taken back by those that brought them.

Click the link for a map of the Dartmouth campus. The Woodworking Workshop is located on lower floor of the Hopkins Center, which is adjacent to the Hanover Inn and across Main Street from the common green. http://mappery.com/map-of/Dartmouth-College-campus-map I will post parking information, and specific directions to the workshop and loading dock immediately after I get lost there later in the month.

Alan Saffron

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