You will be hearing more about this Guild program in the future. GIS is an opportunity to involve Guild members in local school woodworking programs in a variety of ways. It was the brain child of Jon Siegel and is being actively pursued by the Steering Committee as part of our Guild Directed Programs.

Here is a taste recent activity from Peter James...

A photo of Jim Forbes at the Pinkerton Work Day on October 22. Woody Magnuson, Jim Forbes and I spent the day with Steve Sackman, the shop teacher working on twelve lathes and got eleven into working condition and the 12th needed only a couple of parts from the local hardware store to be ready to be used. Woody also installed the new Wolverine sharpening system.

It was a very successful day and maybe one which can be repeated in other schools. As we have discussed, many schools have unused machines that only need minor repairs. This may be a way to get this valuable equipment back in service. Peter James

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