You may ask how somebody could consider themselves a serious woodworker for 35 - 40 years and not have a wood lathe could be a true statement...  This is the same reason that I don't have a camera.  I know that it would consume me, and I'd be off on some side track all by myself...
      I'm looking for a wood lathe that will be my second and last one.   I had a basic unit years ago but never realized it's potential and it moved on to someone else's shop.
     I'm hoping that someone may have a machine that is being underutilized and would be willing to let it have a new life in a creative atmosphere!
     At 64, I'm looking for something that I can grow into to create something worthwhile for future generations.  I'm reasonable and realize that a good deal benefits both parties...  I would be happy to replace the lathe with another and add cash as needed. 
     We all share the legacy of our creations with the tools that we use...  I believe that this is a part of what we accept when we use a 2nd generation piece, which is why I'm putting this ad out.
     I can pick up and pay cash for the difference, if required, and expect that the lathe and ( ? ) Accessories will be in good condition.  I'm not looking for a restoration project. Done that before!
     Please email me if you have a lathe that fits my need or if you know of anybody that may help help me to find one...  Thanks so much!
     Ron Merrill