The League of NH Craftsmen’s Fair is one of the finest, most prestigious craft events in the country today. This annual nine-day event features both traditional and contemporary fine craftwork by juried members of the League of NH Craftsmen. The Fair is held at the beautiful Mount Sunapee Ski Resort in Newbury, NH.

The League provides the GNHW with a large tent at a choice location near the main entrance. The Guild provides woodworking demonstrations for the fairgoers. Furniture making, woodcarving, woodturning, instrument making, finishing, inlay and other skills are on display. Guild volunteers also sell raffle tickets for woodworking items donated by members. The raffle is an important source for Guild grants. Volunteers also promote the Guild, answer questions and sell memberships and clothing. Planning for this year has begun and some of you have already signed up.

Our participation at Sunapee has become increasingly popular. ”When I look at your tent I always see lots of smiles,” says Terri Wiltse the League’s fair director. There’s much to smile about. The last two years have seen generous members donate over thirty five high quality items they’ve made in their shops, garages and basements. The result has been record setting raffle sales.

Woodworking demonstrations and wood shavings flying off lathes have also attracted large gatherings in and around the tent. The result; this year our tent will grow an additional twenty feet in length! The extra space will enable us to provide more demonstrators, highlight Sub-Group activity and showcase our involvement and support for woodworking education in schools. An additional bonus will be more separation between our turners and luthiers so that when one or more of our talented instrument makers decide to lapse into song or strum a few chords we will all enjoy their talents.

If you’ve volunteered at Sunapee you know what a wonderful experience it is. There is always time to enjoy the fair; to visit the Living with Craft exhibits where many Guild members work is displayed; to see the work of the fine craftspeople of the League. To enjoy interaction with fairgoers some who give the tent a casual glance, then a second, till they are filling out raffle tickets. Not easy to resist the sales talents of our skilled volunteers.

To watch the gatherings around members who display their extraordinary woodworking skills. Introducing a new world to some, or inspiring others with a little experience to go for it! Take a course, pick up a tool, and learn to sharpen it, come to a Guild meeting. Some of the demonstrators were in those gatherings a few years ago.

So, August will soon be here. Sign up. Please donate your wonderful work again. Please demonstrate your skills again. And for some of you, do it for the first time. Donate your time. Help us sell raffle tickets so we can donate to schools, to get students interested in woodworking or to provide resources for those who have displayed talent in this wonderful craft we all love so much.

Thanks, Al Hansen H. 603 927 4417