Annual League of NH Craftsmen Booth at Sunapee

This year the fair began Saturday, August 4th and ends Sunday, the 12th. For us, however, it started Friday the 3rd with the set-up once again turned empty space into an amazing venue where fairgoers get to see Guild members demonstrating their woodworking skills. League of NH Craftsmen information here.

We have Guild member’s work on raffle tables—this is a significant source of income to the Guild’s educational mission. For each of the last several years, more than $13,000 worth of tickets were sold! You see, along with woodworking skills, we are pretty good sales people. Actually, it’s an easy sell, we simply point to your donations.

This all takes place at Mount Sunapee Resort, a most beautiful setting. Guild members get to see other crafts and to visit “Living With Craft” exhibition where the Guild awards two prizes each year. See the 2018 winners here

More booth photos from Tuesday, August 7, 2018... (Gallery here)