During our recent trip to Lowell’s Boat Shop in Amesbury, MA, Several of our members expressed an interest in taking a boat building class there. In response to this, Lowell’s extended an offer to set up a class exclusively for Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers members. They thought it would be more engaging to hold a class for people who already had some knowledge of tools and wood as opposed to some of their students who come in totally new to woodworking.

They would accommodate 4-10 people and could build 1 or 2 boats (splitting into 2 groups) depending on the number of people. A popular project for a class is the Amesbury Rowing Skiff but they could do a Banks Dory. If anyone is interested in keeping the finished boat, it can be raffled off at cost (usually $800 - $1000)

It takes about 45-50 hours to build a boat. Some examples of schedules are: 2 nights (5pm - 9pm) per week for 6 weeks; 1 night and 1 Saturday per week for 6 weeks; and all day class for 8 consecutive days (this schedule is the most efficient in terms of continuity, use of tools and space, and shop cleanup).

The cost for the course would be $750. Members of Lowell’s Boat Shop receive a 10% discount. The membership fee is $45, so becoming a member would net a $30 savings.

I am asking that anyone interested contact me with their schedule preference and any comments. The logistics of putting a group together at a mutually agreeable time may be challenging, but I am willing to coordinate between our members and Lowell’s.

Thank you,
Stan Paras

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