There will be a GSWT meeting at the Makerspace next Wednesday December 14th.

  5 - 6 PM Social hour.
  6 - 9 Q&A with a panel of 3 professional turners.

If we don't have 3 professional turners show up (or if you find Q&A too boring), we can make tops, ornaments and other Christmas presents instead (bring glitter).

Manchester Makerspace 36 Old Granite Street Manchester NH

We are going to try a weeknight meeting - at one of the busiest times of the year : ) Stop by and take a break.

Other news - The last few open house nights have been quite productive, many new faces showing up. The progress on the shop and new donations are impressive.

Buildout progress:
Heavy duty storage shelf (cut a 4x8 shelf down to 2x8) started this past week, should be able to finish next Monday.

Electric outlets installed on back wall of shop - Thanks to Phill Boileau who has donated time and materials, this is now in progress and will also likely get completed next week.

To do:
Setup small lighter weight shelve units

Stiffen up the wooden work bench and table
Wire some 220v circuits for the bigger lathes and dust collector
Better lighting (task lighting)
Insulate and cover half-finished wall under the window

Several people have taken on some of these tasks, I’m sure they could use some help and there is always something else to work on. If you want to help stop by on any open house nights. Work may be arranged at other times once we really get rolling. Your best bet is to stop in and get in the loop.


Great news - the brief fundraiser for the belt sharpener was an immediate success. An anonymous donor has stepped up an agreed to purchase the sharpening system for us. THANK YOU!

Dust collector! Thanks to Macy Industries. This collector is a larger 2HP 220V collector with a 6” inlet. This is probably all the collector we will need for the shop (until someone comes along and donates a cyclone).

We have also been offered an older PowerMatic model 45 variable speed with drop bed. It is a 3 phase machine but conversion should be simple with the purchase of a VFD. I’m keeping this one under consideration for now. Let me know what you think.

Stuff we need:
Dust pan, brush, broom and bin. Enough for the shop - not twenty! I’m sure we can scare this up.
Chucks. We have 3 - 1” 8 TPI lathes and only one scroll chuck.
Lights. The ones I had on order never showed up. Ideally each machine would have appropriate task lighting.
Benches/cabinets so that we can setup stations for each piece of equipment (drill, bandsaw, sharpening etc)

Not the actual latheProjects
Andy Motter Lathe

I’ve located a VFD and a 3P motor for this lathe. I’ve also established a fundraiser for the project - https://www.gofundme.com/4p-andy-motter-lathe-conversion . Please chip in if you can. I’ve located a VFD and a motor for a total of $250. The VFD has already been purchased and the motor may not be available for long. To date $40 has been donated and the rest is out of pocket.

As always, feel free to contact me with questions.

David Belser
@dbb  (slack)
(603) 218 9404

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