Number of attendees – 17

John Whiteside started the meeting by discussing the evolution of his approach to woodworking and how learning to be completely absorbed in the moment has not only made his woodworking more enjoyable but affected every aspect of his daily life. It has allowed him to do more than he ever thought possible and given him serenity. He tries to do each step for its own sake, rather than focusing on the results. The article John wrote on right-brain woodworking for the Guild Journal got more responses than almost any other article.
John noted three obstacles to right brain woodworking:

Impatience and focus on result
The inner critic

John’s vision for the group includes the following principles:

No one is considered an expert or teacher
Focus is on the experience of woodworking rather than the results
Discussion of subjective aspects of WW, rather than objective aspects
“Right brain” is a metaphor only
Two foci: one’s state of mind when woodworking, and woodworking as expression (design)

His ideas for possible activities include:

Social events
Visit shops
Currier Art Museum – guided tour of the furniture collection with discussion of what the artist might have been thinking when designing each piece (note: the Guild has given us a $200 budget)
Post edited essays on the website – “Annals of the RBW Group”
Guild symposium on design scheduled for this spring – the organizer has been invited to attend one of our meetings so he can incorporate our ideas into the symposium
Non-calendar based schedule
John will be the Chair and Jon Siegal has agreed to be Co-Chair.

Other attendees discussed what they hoped to learn from the group and ideas for activities. These included:

How making a mistake is not bad but an opportunity
Bringing the unconscious into one’s work
Preparing your mind for WW
How to release yourself from expectations
RB drawing class
Beth Ireland – class on releasing your creativity
Learn to be “unencumbered by the thought process”
Slowing down the commercial side of WW and spending time on what is joyful
Explore how creativity and the logical brain battle with eachother
Be less analytical in WW
Nourish the right brain
Focus on the experience of WW rather than technique
Learn playfulness
Let the wood guide you

Next steps:

Reading list
Book reports
Thoughtful discussion of readings
Meeting will be on Saturday or Sunday closest to full moon
People do not need to be members of the Guild to be a member of subgroup
Try to include remote people who wish to participate (Michigan, California, Europe)
George and John Whiteside will work with Jim Seroskie on the group’s section of the website
Let things “percolate” before making any decisions

Right Brain Woodworking (Inactive)