logoGuild membership levels have been steady for the past seven years averaging 549 and normally staying within a range of ±15. Membership stood at 561 at the start of 2020—a new high to start a calendar year. However, what has happened since has been somewhat remarkable.

Current one + two year memberships stand at 590 (March 3, 2020). Since our new membership service was activated in early December...

  • 53 people have joined the Guild
  • 90 members have renewed their membership
  • 93% have paid their dues online (up from 85% in CY2019)
  • 414 members have logged into the new system

So why is this happening? Obviously, we can't know for sure. We had a record number of meetings last year (65), eight active subgroups, a well received Journal (thanks to our authors) and a new "friction-free" member renewal system in place since early December (retention rates have been high). Perhaps it is simply the economy. So why do you think we are on this run?

Bottom line—the Guild is healthy and growing at 30 years.

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