The Guild’s Steering Committee is responding to a request to provide a list of members who have specific skills and who are willing to share those skills and/or answer questions from members who are in search of learning these skills.  This may come as an e-mail or a call with a quick question about any topic the member may need a little help on.  This should not equate to a training session or class.

In an effort to maximize the vast array of talents and areas of expertise within our guild, the following survey will provide information for a database of specific skills of only those who wish to share them.  It will also identify if a member is willing to share their skills, how they wish to be contacted.

Please note that this survey is completely voluntary and that the participation will be completely dependent on the access and time commitment that each member chooses to provide.

Thank you in advance for your participation and continued support in making the GNHW the finest organization of its kind.

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