The Merrimack High School Woodshop is a proud recipient of a Guild of New
Hampshire Woodworkers’ grant to expand STEM curriculum using the latest technology
in hollow form turning. The grant will be used to purchase a tool stabilizing device that
attaches to a woodworking lathe enabling students to make advanced, distinctive hollow
form vessels and lidded boxes. The Hollowing Tool Stabilizer made by world renowned
woodworker, Trent Bosch, improves safety and accuracy and expands creativity for
students who are developing lifelong skills.   
Over the past 20 years, the Merrimack High School Woodshop program has been
consistently expanding its woodworking lathe turning curriculum. Nearly all students
enrolled in any of the three levels of woodworking courses have the opportunity to
experience this inspiring form of woodworking. Mr. Carle, a thirty-year veteran educator
at Merrimack High School is now instructing his advanced students in hollow form
turning using a technique he learned last year at the Manchester Makers Space from
demonstrator, professor, and NH Guild member Dr. Charles Sheaff.  Dr. Sheaff
demonstrated the Trent Bosch Lathe Stabilizing system to make hollow form vases,
lidded boxes and vessels. Students are now making exquisite hollow form vessels using
this latest technology. It has been a game changer not only for instruction, but also for the
students themselves in making these unique complex projects. 
The Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers’ primary goal is education. The organization
has been a major supporter of schools and communities for over 26 years. Mr. Carle is
working with the Guild, whose membership exceeds 500, to partner talented Guild
members with teachers. Their goal is to train teachers in advanced woodworking
techniques that are then shared with students through a program called “Guild in
Schools.” Merrimack High School’s woodshop program looks forward to continuing its
partnership with The Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers to support a path of
lifelong learning for our students.

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