The Topic is Your Style of Furniture

For you period furniture devotees, Shaker furniture purists, traditional design followers, and contemporary gallery art furniture types, we have a noted authority for each style to compare and discuss them. David Lamb; check him out; the man has done them all. His featured presentation should start as 1:00. For you psychology majors, tool collectors, history buffs, and con men looking to unload state of the art 19th century dilapidated band saws; David Lamb will show us his collection of state of the art 19th century dilapidated band saws.

Questions regarding his obsessive-compulsive behavior in acquiring them should be asked delicately.

And don’t forget the morning session. The Boat Builders subgroup will be adding a lot days to the favorite days (2) list of boat owners.


Would you like a reserved parking spot at David Lamb’s shop when everyone else parks at least a half-mile away? The Canterbury Shaker Village, closed for the winter, is up the road about a half-mile from David Lamb. They will graciously plow one of their lots to give us a place to park. And, Tom McLaughlin, also in Canterbury, is a short ride to the meeting. Tom has offered his 10-15 parking spots.

For a few volunteers shuttling people back and forth, before and after the meeting, I will hold parking at the meeting. Canterbury Shaker Village; continue past David Lamb’s shop at 228 Shaker Road about a half mile to the south CSV gate. We should have a banner up. Watch this space for updates.

Tom McLaughlin’s school is located on Baptist Road, which runs off Shaker Road south of David Lamb. Look for someone shuttling people for a ride to the meeting. Directions at


Chairs will be very limited. As is our custom, please bring a chair.

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