Session 1 - 04/27/2019

Demilune Table Project - Topics of discussion

Design process - see handout

  • Sketches help get the process started
  • Console tables are small, approximately 28 inch to 34 inch max height
  • Scale models are helpful
    • Use plywood, poplar, hot glue
  • Full size cardboard mockups are very useful
  • Consider elipse vs. round shape
    • Elipse templates very useful
  • Joinery drawings

Building a mold for the bent lamination table apron

  • 1/4" MDF used for the templates 
    • Baltic birch plywood is an acceptable alternative
  • Elipse has two axes (radii)
    • 1/2 x 21" major axis
    • 1/2 x 13" minor axis
  • French curve templates help with the drawing and shaping the template
    • Amana router bit #47096 ( used for pattern making
      • blades are slightly angled for a shear cut, with upper and lower bearings
  • Template is used to shape each identical layer of 3/4" MDF at the router table
    • completed mold uses multiple layers of 3/4" MDF, sufficient to accommodate dimensions of the bent lamination plus "landing zones" beyond each end of the laminated apron final dimensions

Resaw multiple ~3/16" slices of walnut stock at bandsaw for the bent lamination

  • bandsaw marks cleaned up running each slice through the thickness planer using a sled to an ~1/8” thickness 

Bent lamination glue up of each layer using Unibond 800

  • two ingredients of Unibond 800 glue mixed together
  • glue applied between each layer 
    • a 3" paint roller used to apply glue to
    • each walnut layer stacked onto the previous layer
  • After final walnut layer glued to previous layers the multi-layered walnut is quickly clamped to the form, beginning at the center line and working out toward each landing zone
    • Clamps applied every few inches, bending the multiple layers of walnut  around the mold

End of IPG session #1.




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