Last year, we began printing a smaller Old Saw newsletter focused on Guild business. By printing and mailing concurrent with The Journal, we enforced a schedule on The Old Saw. However this year, the money for printing has dried up as noted above. So The Old Saw goes back to being online only.

Also, to remain timely, we felt material needed to be published more frequently. Our answer is to publish one article at a time in PDF form (rather than as a blog post) as they become available. This will be branded as “Old Saw Articles” and will predominately focus on Guild business as we have for the past year. 

A new page on the website will host each numbered article presented as an individual PDF file along with a short teaser. You can read the PDF online or print it yourself. The new section will be seeded with the 18-20 articles we have going back to the beginning of last year. We will use TouchUps to bring new articles to your attention as they come online throughout the year. All past issues going back to 1990 will remain archived on the website.

The target date to go live is within the next two weeks.  

Jim Seroskie

Guild News