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Look up Buffard Fres on the Internet. At one time a huge manufactory of bandings.

Banding Components of a veneer log. That is log as in a tree log. Individual banding pieces are sawed from the log as needed. There are NO norms in construction of a log. It is YOUR log. Go for it and try Morse code if you want.

1.) Outer Veneers...These components are the top and bottom members of the banding package. When the completed banding is inlaid in place the Outer Veneers are the defining lines on the outside edges of the banding. An Outer Veneer may be a single line of veneer or even multiple lines of veneer. The Outer Veneers whose grain runs along the length of the Package serves to hold the horizontal and vertical components together once glued.

2.) Horizontal Components...The Horizontal Components’ grain usually runs along the length of the Package. The component members are uniformly cross cut from a longer strip of wood. It’s thickness is equal to the height of the Vertical Component and it is also usually wider than the Vertical Component.

3.) The Vertical Components...The Vertical Components each usually have three members that are glued to one another. Each Vertical Component is uniformly cross cut from a longer section that has two outside members and one interior member. The outside members have contrasting wood tones from that of the inside members. The grain direction of the Vertical Component is 90 degrees to the Horizontal Components’ grain direction. The height of this component is equal to the thickness of the Horizontal Component.

In this you tube video Bob specifically creates a saw tooth banding similar to what is used in the knife box.

Very good article on embellishments.

A worthy read.

There is much more reference matieral in this PDF.

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