Information from PFG meeting Oct 20th.

There was discussion about the carcass construction of our project “knife box”. Pros and cons of the orientation of the carcass wood grain was thoroughly discussed as well as the joinery options. For such a “small” item discussion was large. There is much learning in this “small package”. The knife box I am constructing for demo purposes is progressing well. 

Gary Kokx brought in one of his beautiful knife box builds and graciously even did some disassembly so we could get a peek at the inside construction. Thank you Gary!

Additionally we viewed videos on a couple methods for lunette banding creation. One in particular was the method likely used when this banding style was originally conceived. Steve Conlin provided the audio visual hardware and videos, plus changed plans to accommodate the meeting schedule. Much appreciation Steve!

The next meeting Dec 15 will be to discuss the veneering stage of our demo knife box. This will include installing the lunette banding, purfling and marquetry for our lid. Anyone seeking information on the build may contact me.

Bill Taylor

Period Furniture Group