The Period Furniture Group completed the Candle Stand Project With Al Breed this past weekend (December 10). This well attended program took three Saturday sessions followed by one optional non-guild sponsored carving class. We have been conducting quicker projects as of late but strive to pack them with many useful details and techniques. An optional follow-up hands-on class is also well attended and works well.

Many class attendees are building these projects, increasing the mastery of the craft and have a completed project in the end. This is also a great opportunity for those wishing to join the group. Please see upcoming issues of The Journal for the project narrative and pictures. I have included some pictures with this posting

We continue to be grateful to Al for his generosity and willingness to share his skills, experience and passion for the craft.  The next project has been selected and I am working with Al to identify the project details and approach. We will provide these in the several weeks. Hoping to see many repeaters as well as new members.

Ed Taylor

Period Furniture Group