In the interest of starting the new Year off right I have pulled the files used in the creation of our knife box project into a single mailing. I had to reduce their sizes with Acrobat Pro for them to mailable. Also some members don’t have high speed internet so the smaller size works for them. Some of the documents were poor to start with and did not degrade when I downsized them.

The project knife box exterior is complete and I like it. This will definitely be a part of the March exhibit at Woodcraft Newington. Our next meeting is Feb 23rd and an excellent opportunity for everyone to bring in a piece for the exhibit to showcase what the Guild members can accomplish.

As an FYI we now have our own projector for presentations and guest presenters. I did spend an extra 10% over what we had talked about in the interest of getting a device with LED projection and good platform compatibility. I learned that the lamps in the non LED projectors cost nearly as much as a projector and the lifetime of the lamps were not very long. Our projector LED light source has a 50000 hour life and 4200 lumens. This should allow us to view our programs without putting everyone to sleep in the dark. We will still need a laptop to play a DVD or the DVD data stored on a USB memory stick or drive.

I am still working on the next meeting agenda but be prepared for discussion on future projects and learning.

Some PFG members were interested in building a jewelry box using some of the knife box features. I am working on a jewelry chest that does that. Make yourself known to me and I will get you in the loop. There will not be a detailed computer drawing of this chest because I don’t enjoy spending my time that way. I am a napkin engineer/woodworker. I feel my time is better spent in the shop.

Check out the attachments below...Bill Taylor

Period Furniture Group