This table is not hard to build, but there will be a lot instruction on the details of how to do the construction. I built this table in 2005 as a project at Phil Lowe’s Build Whatever You Want class that summer. So I have the rough plans and experience.  Four pages of full-scale plans have now been drawn, and they will be available on the Guild website in PDF format. You can email them to a print center and get D-size prints (that’s 24 x 36 for those in Rio Linda) for about $20.
The size of the pictured table is 26” wide, 10” deep and 28-1/2” high. This was made to fit in a small hall space in my home between two orthogonal doorways.  But you can make the table any size you’d like. The key thing is the oval apron size.  If you wish a different size, I can make a pattern of your exact size and send it to you. The basic table only uses about 6 bf of primary wood plus 3 bf if poplar so it isn’t all that expensive.

Attached are the drawings for the Period Furniture demilune table project.

Update: 10/9/2017

Note that our next meeting will be on Nov. 4, 2017

  • Attached is Demilune Email-1 with substantial information on the project. Be sure to read it carefully. 
  • Also, the drawing Demilune Assembly.pdf  has been updated to include the beaded panels.
  • Cut List has been added to the blog. 

There are a lot of pictures in Demilune Email-1 which should be blown up on your monitor to see details like the bricking in the Inside Apron. Printed on letter size paper, they will not show details adequately.

Update: 10/16/2017

Update 10/27/2017

Attached is Demilune Email–3 and Demilune Revised Brick Layout drawing.  If you haven’t made your apron yet, check this before you do.  These have been added to the blog along with minor updates to two other drawings.
On Nov. 4 at Woodcraft we will be covering the joinery for the apron and legs, leg tapering and applying veneer.  This should bring your table to the point where it will be ready for inlay, stringing and banding which will start in January.

Update 10/29/2017

Removed Demilune Assembly v4 (Replaced by Demilune Assembly v5)

Update: 10/16/2017

Update: 4/7/2018

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