Fine Woodworking articles relevant to building the Demilune table are attached.  My apologies for not sending this sooner.  I thought I had sent it but just found it in my Drafts folder.

Relevant Videos:  Oval Fan Inlay: #191–May/June 2007 Issue.  You need to sign in to view article with this link.

DVD’s:  Lie Nielsen has several DVD’s by Steve Latta which are outstanding.  They are not cheap, but offer excellent instruction. 

  • Fundamentals of Inlay: Stringing, Line  & Berry ($40) and
  • Fundamentals of Inlay: Federal Table Leg ($40) will give you all you need to know about decorating the leg. 
  • If you are interested in making your own banding, then Fundamentals of Inlay: Making Ornamental Bandings ($25)s excellent. 

You won’t find anything on YouTube that comes close to these. 


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