First working meeting held on 2/13/11 at the Homestead School. Attendance 14 plus. Al, thank you for the use of the shop.

We have decided to make 25 cupcakes in celebration on the AAW’s 25th anniversary. The stand will also encompass eighteen columns representing the 18 years existence of the GSWT.  It’s not too late. Come join the fun. There are plenty of parts to make and work to go around.

Who’s making a cupcake?

Cupcake options discussed/viewed

Marcel provides a demo

The group studies the stand drawings by Jim Forbes.
Some minor adjustments need to allow room for the four columns holding the top plate

Stay tuned for upcoming pictures and plan details. Don’t miss out on the fun. Get involved now. Just call David Belser to get onto the email list.

Granite State Woodturners