Rockler Woodworking Guild Appreciation Program

The Rockler Woodworking Store in Salem, NH has created a program to increase customer visits and expresses their appreciation of our business at the same time. Their Woodworking Guild Appreciation Program allows the one store to reward their many customers in a meaningful way by grouping customers by guild and rewarding the guilds.

For every 20 guild member visits tallied, that respective guild will receive a $20 Rockler Gift Card to give out as they see fit. At the cash register, when members show their GNHW card for their 10% discount, they should remind the store associate to record their visit for the Guild Appreciation program. Once a month, the store will tally the customer visits and mail the gift cards earned to each organization.

Thinking there can’t be many GNHW members that shop at the Rockler store in Salem? Consider that there are 530+ paid up members, most of whom are flat landers willing to make an occasional drive to Salem. You do the math.

So, what did the Steering Committee decide to do with the cards? Always happy to add funds to the general fund, the GNHW plans to auction off any gift cards received at quarterly Guild meetings. Those bidding, flat landers as well as natives, may yield a modest gain when the winning bid is under $20, or make a generous gift to the Guild when bidding a little too enthusiastically. Either way, you’re a winner.

To help you make up your mind on what to spend your money on, click on or link through their ad on the GNHW website.

The rules:

this applies to only the Rockler Salem NH store  at 373 South Broadway (Rt 28), Salem, NH
does not include purchases by internet, phone, or fax
one visit per member purchase
one guild recorded per purchase/visit
guild card must be shown
guild member should request their visit be recorded for the guild program

I’ll try to answer any questions you have. Shoot me an email at
Alan Saffron

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