Time: 1:00-2:30 pm

Room 1

Rick Angus : Bowl Design Starts with the Log

Room 2

Ralph Tursini : The Once-Turned Green Bowl
Dip into your locally grown trees while adding latitude to your designs by turning green wood.  Ralph will demonstrate the turning of a green bowl and emphasize the essentials of how wood works.  He will present the relative merits and tradeoffs turning and finishing wood in its green state.  The process will begin from primal log cuts showing blank preparation, bowl design, and tool handling and cover challenges such as sanding, finishing, drying, and working with warpage

About Ralph:
Ralph’s creative passions lies in processes and materials closely tied to forests and wood.  He studied Forest Management at the University of Vermont and then began to build work experience in furniture shops and a production bowl shop.  Ralph began establishing his own turnings ten years ago and continues to do so today as Tursini Woodturning, llc.  His current work revolves around turning native woods into green bowls as well as architectural turnings.  He is past president and board member of the Woodchuck Turners of Northern Vermont.  Ralph offers private instruction in the craft at his studio near Burlington, VT. 

Room 3

Embellishment/Color Texture
Ed Kelle : Wood as a Canvas—Exploring the World of Acrylics
Ed will discuss and demonstrate the materials and techniques he uses to take his pieces beyond their wooden beginnings. You will never be intimidated by the paint aisles in art stores again! Learn what products are available as well as how to use and combine them in creative new ways. Spark your imagination and take your works to new heights!

About Ed:
I’ve always been part of the art world, having been initially exposed to photography before branching out into the fine art world of painting and sculpture. As I developed my turning style, I have begun to return to some of the concepts I had previously explored in 2 dimensional work. With fine art supplies still at my disposal, I now have begun to think of wooden forms as my canvas, with no limitations to what I can create.

Room 4

Charles Faucher : Segmented Work

Room 5

Jon Siegel : Spindle Turning Basics

Room 6

Donna Banfield : Brown & Round—Not Necessarily
Done the ‘Brown and Round’ routine and looking to shake things up?  Never were into the Brown and Round thing when you started? Donna will show you that there is life after the lathe.  Using a jig saw, some simple carving tools that everyone can use, and a few more secrets she promised to share, she will demonstrate how you can take it from ‘Brown and Round’ to the head scratching “Wow! That’s awesome! How’d you do that?”

About Donna:
Donna Zils Banfield is a woodturning artist who began turning in 2002.  She creates wood sculptures, art forms and functional pieces using a wood lathe and a variety of carving tools.  A juried member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen, she also offers private instruction in her Derry, NH studio.

Room 7

Fred Chellis : Building an 18th Century Treadle Lathe
Fred will share the pleasant surprises, challenges, trials and tribulations of building and using an 18th century foot powered lathe.