Time: 3:00-4:30 pm

Room 1

Technique/Thin Wall
Peter Bloch : Translucent Wood Lampshade
Peter Bloch will show techniques, problems and solutions associated with large (15-20” diameter) and thin (1/10”) turnings. These processes are useful for all thin turnings such as vessels and bowls. The shade that he will work on comes from a 100+ pound log of green local Aspen.

About Peter:
Peter was the first president of the Granite State Woodturners, and the Overall Coordinator for the first four New England Woodturning Symposiums held in NH. He has been a full-time craft woodworker for 31 years, and a turner for 27 years. For the last 20 years, his focus has increasingly been on his signature work — the dramatic and functional translucent lampshades that he pioneered. He has demonstrated at national AAW Symposia and for local chapters, and for all seven of the NE Turning Symposia.

Room 2

Beth Ireland : Turning Outside the Box—Turning with Your Mind

About Beth:
Beth Ireland earned her undergraduate degree in Art Education from the State University College at Buffalo, and MFA in sculpture from Massachusetts College Of Art and Design. She has been running her company, Beth Ireland Woodworking since 1983. Her business provides woodworking with a specialization in architectural and artistic woodturning.  Her venues for teaching woodworking and artistic process include; Mass College of Art, The Center For Furniture Craftsmanship, Anderson Ranch, Arrowmont, Peters Valley Craft Center, The Brookfield Center and Worcester center for Crafts. She lectures widely and offers demonstrations of her techniques at a variety of woodturning and woodworking guilds and symposiums around the country. Her work has been published in Taunton Press Design Book 7, American Woodturner Magazine and The Boston Globe. She was a guest star in two episodes of Cultivating Life, originally produced for PBS.  In addition, Beth has produced her own video titled, Turning Outside the Box. In 2011 she traveled around the United States teaching for one year in a van workshop /living space, for her collaborative empowerment project,Turning Around America. She resides and works in her studio in Roslindale Massachusetts.

Room 3

David Belser : Supported Turning Techniques: Using Wax and Ice to Turn Delicate Structures
David will demonstrate his unique approach to turning where wax and ice are used as a temporary support for turning objects that would be impossible to turn by any other means. The process of constructing raw forms and casting them in wax will be shown along with methods of mounting and turning and finishing. A bowl made from a “basket” construction will be completed during the demonstration.
Along the way you will hear where some of these crazy ideas come from and maybe learn to follow your silly thoughts to beautiful conclusions.

About David:
David was cursed with an active imagination since early childhood – constantly tinkering in his fathers shop and always making “something”. This need to create was only partially satisfied by working as a professional software engineer. After 25 years of engineering, a slow economy and a free lathe from a friend lead to second career as an artist.
Largely self taught, David’s work reflects his science and engineering background with a little mystery mixed in. Patterns of intricate metal leaf on mechanical locking boxes or the repetition of structure in architectural forms that create an interplay of space and light.

His work has won awards including 1st Place and Best in Show at The Annual Box and Container Show, Northwest Fine Woodworking Seattle WA;  Best in show, Best collaboration – Living with Craft, League of NH Craftsmen fair, Sunapee NH. He demonstrated at the 2010 American Association of Woodturners national symposium as part of the P.O.P. emerging artist program and has demonstrated around the US and internationally.

David is the current president of the Granite State Woodturners and a juried member of the League of NH Craftsmen.

Room 4

Jack Vesery: Concepts in Design & Form
Technique is often a distraction to the importance of “Good Form”.  Methods to create better form can be a difficult step in evolving our work to the next level. In this demonstration, design elements including scale, form, balance, and proportions along with the golden mean and geometry of design will be. Visualized through the turning process. Think of it as sketching in three D.  The session will end with a critique of several forms created during the rotation. This is a great learning tool for anyone, working in any medium that is in pursuit of better form in whatever is created.

About Jack:
Jacques Vesery is an Artist/ Sculptor from Damariscotta and has lived in Maine for 20 years. Striving to create an illusion of reality, his vision and inspiration begins with repetitive patterns derived from the ‘golden mean’ or ‘divine proportions’. The marriage of pattern, form and proportion conveys a sense of growth from within each of his pieces.

His work is in numerous public and private collections including the Detroit Institute of Art, the Contemporary Art Museum of Honolulu, Yale University Art Gallery and The Carnegie Museum to name a few. He is a Maine Arts Commission Fellow for 2000 and received the title of “Master Craft Artist” and lifetime memberhip from the Maine Crafts Association in 2011.

Jacques has lectured on design and concepts within his work in France, Italy, England, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and 28 US states at such locations as Journees Mondiales du Tournage D’art Sur Bois Congres, Loughborough University, Anderson Ranch, `Aha Hana Lima-Hawaii and Haystack Mt. School.
He has been included in over 20 publications including ”100 Artists of New England” released in the spring of 2011. Other books include ’Scratching the Surface’, ‘Wood Art Today’, ‘Natured Transformed’ and ’New Masters of Woodturning’.

Jacques has also curated the following exhibitions; ‘A Nation of Enchanted Form: Woodturning Artists Across North America’ 2005, ‘Far From The Tree: An Evolutionary View of contemporary Woodturning’ [co-curated] 2007, In the Palm of Your Hand’ 2009, “National Treasures - History in the Making” [co-curated] and will be curating an upcoming exhibit called ‘Playing Well With Others: Collaboration in Wood” dates to be announced.

Room 5

Malcolm Tibbetts: Segmented Ribbons & Tubes
Malcolm will take the mystery out of these complex segmented sculptural forms.  He will show the technique of converting compound-mitered stave-constructed bowls into twisted ribbon forms.  He will also show how to assemble tapered rings into tube-like sculptures.

Room 6

Charlie Sheaff: Inside-Out Turning
This session will explore the potential associated with inside-out turning. Using this technique. four billets are held together, turned, then taken apart, revolved inside out, and re-turned. This advanced turning process offers many design possibilities. Pieces created using these techniques often leave observers wondering “how did they do that?”

About Charlie:
Charlie teaches the woodworking courses at Keene State College, where woodturning is a prominent part of the curriculum. He has been turning wood for over 40 years, and because of his teaching, has experience in a wide range of turning techniques. He is a juried member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen, an has exhibited and demonstrated throughout New England.

Room 7

Harvey Flen: Incising Techniques for Turners
The decorative effects that can be achieved by using a trim router are as varied as your imagination. Learn the basics of this technique, which can be applied to both custom made pieces and existing work, to see where it leads you.

About Harvey:
Noted wood artist Harvey Fein, whose work demonstrates the world of possibilities that open us with mastery of trim router techniques, exhibits nationally at venues such as the del Mano Gallery in Los Angeles and the Sculpture, Objects, and Functional Art Exposition in Chicago. His work is in the permanent collections of the Museum of Arts and Design in New York,  the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, and the Figge in Davenport, Iowa.  Harvey’s work has been published in 500 Wood Bowls (Lark Books, 2004), New Masters of Woodturning (Fox Chapel Publishing, 2008), and Wood Art Today 2 (Schiffer Publishing, 2010).