Roy Noyes (left) and Bob Couch (outgoing President)Roy Noyes was recognized with a Membership Appreciation Award at the September general meeting. Roy served as the Old Saw editor for 10 years at a time when creating, printing and mailing a publication was a bigger task than today. Roy was recognized for life long contributions to the Guild. The letter below is from Roy.


To: Bob Couch (

From: Roy Noyes
Date: October 18, 2013
Subject: Member Appreciation Award.

Dear Bob,

Because I don’t have your addresses I am using this rather formal way to thank you and the other members of the Guild (especially Jack Grube and Jon Siegel) for the 2013 Member Appreciation Award that I received at the annual meeting. The plaque is beautiful and the thoughts behind it are priceless. It is on my desk and reminds me every day of my friends in the Guild and how it started as 10 woodworkers in John McAlevey’s shop in 1990 and has grown to over 500 members today!

I am humble and grateful to have had a part in the Guild.  Although at almost 90 I can no longer do woodworking, I have not lost my interest in woodworking, the wonderful creations of Guild members and all the great activities put on by the Guild. Please convey my appreciation to all the other members.

Thank you again.

Roy Noyes

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